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Is your current site bland and boring? Want to take it to the next level? ConXis Technologies makes websites come alive with web development.

Web development goes beyond the pretty pictures and content. It makes websites jump and sing so your visitors will get more out of the visit to your online presence.

ConXis Technologies offers the following web development services

Streaming audio and video

Why just have text on a page when you can present your message to your audience using audio or video? Musicians have used ConXis Technologies to promote their music via streaming audio. Companies have used ConXis Technologies' streaming video services to show their television commercials and product announcements on their websites.

Flash animation

"WOW!" is what a website needs to get the message across to the visitor to the website right away, and Flash animation makes sure that "WOW!" is said and heard. From simple picture animations to "moving web billboards" to banners, ConXis Technologies can deliver the "WOW! factor".

Photo galleries

"A picture says a thousand words" is how the old saying goes. But what if you could show a thousand pictures, be able to manage them easily AND have them look cool? Well, ConXis Technologies can make your photos look cool by displaying them in an easy to use Flash player. Each photo gets resized automatically, has a thumbnail image that gets displayed on the gallery menu, allows for music to be added to the gallery and the load time of the web page is FAST. Photographers, companies, retail stores and more use ConXis Technologies to show their photos online.

Database creation

Need to provide a list stores in an area or members of a group? ConXis Technologies creates "simple to use forms" that allows the client to manage their database easily.

Online Newsletters

Communication with your customer base is important for keeping them coming back. Send out specials, new product information, important events and more to your customer's email address easily. You can create your own newsletter via the WYSIWIG editor or import a Microsoft Word doc.

Message Boards

Community building is important. It helps your customers gather and communicate about your product or service. Our Message Boards help bring people together is a clean, friendly environment. Non-Profit agencies use Message Boards for additional ways to share ideas and information. Musicians use Message Boards to let their fans know where the next performance is or how that new record is coming along.

SSL Certificate

If you take credit cards on your website, you will want to make sure that your customer's information is safe and secure. With a SSL Certificate from ConXis Technologies, you will not have to worry about the safety of your customers.

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